Sara shipped her engagement ring to a New York City jeweler for repairs. She used an independent shipping store to pack  and send it through UPS. Because it was an expensive ring she insured it for $10,000. The ring is missing and insurance would not pay her – until I got involved!

The first sign of trouble is when the envelope showed up at the New York jeweler, it was NOT the original envelope, although it it had Sara’s shipping label on it. What’s worse: it was empty! Instead of a diamond ring, there was a pair of socks.

What happened? No one seems to know. Did the independent shipper switch the ring with socks? Did someone at UPS do it? Or did the NYC jewelry store do it?

Sara never did find out the truth about her ring but she had the comfort of knowing she was insured for $10K. Or so she thought!

As it turns out UPS rejected her claim. UPS said Sara not technically the shipper because she paid a third-party to pack and send it.  UPS said the independent shipping store was their client and they would have to file the claim. But the third-party shipper would not help in any way!

That’s when Sara called my radio show and we immediately reached out to UPS Media Relations. Amazingly within 2-weeks Sara got a check for $10,000!

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT CONSUMER TIP: If you use a third-party shipper to ship an item of high value and you want to insure it, make sure YOU are the insured party. If the shipper can not do that for you, use a direct shipper like UPS or FedEx to pack and send your package!