About Radio Show

To this day, Tom’s unwavering dedication to helping people continues on his renowned Troubleshooter Show. This talk show holds the esteemed distinction of being the longest running radio talk show in America, currently on the air with the same host. Broadcasting from its flagship radio station Talk Radio 630 KHOW in Denver, the Troubleshooter Show reaches a wide audience through the iHeart Radio app, ensuring that individuals from across the country benefit from Tom’s expertise. Furthermore, the Troubleshooter Show is streamed on popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It is also available as a podcast for downloads. This combined distribution has garnered millions of loyal fans who want consumer help, information, or referrals.

Tom’s high-energy format on the radio is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. With each program, listeners are treated to a whirlwind of calls from people in desperate need of consumer help, valuable information, reliable referrals, and sound advice. Tom and his dedicated team fearlessly tackle issues that affect everyday people, going above and beyond to investigate scams, rip-offs, and consumer fraud – live on the air!

This unique show allows the audience to witness the raw reality of these situations as they unfold in real-time. It is truly “Reality Radio.”