For nearly 50-years I’ve been listening to people on radio, television and the internet who’ve been victimized by lying, cheating contractors! So now I’m putting those complaints to good use …

I have carefully cataloged the most common mistakes victims make when dealing with unethical contractors. My hope is that being aware of these mistakes will help you avoid getting ripped off by scumbags in the home improvement industry!

Since I have listened to more consumers than anyone on the planet, I can safely say I speak from authority. Virtually all contractor complaints stem from one or more of these 10 mistakes.

  • WHO IS THE CHEAPEST? – Victims usually choose the contractor based solely on price. Cheap is almost always a bad value because they cut corners!
  • WHO CAN START THE SOONEST? – There is usually a reason the contractor is not busy and can fit you right in! Usually it’s because they’re lying about starting right way, so they can collect money up front!
  • THEY KNOCKED AT MY DOOR! – Most ripoffs occur when someone solicits you at your door or chats with you through social media. That is not to say that all “solicitors” are crooked, but I have found there is a higher probability of bring scammed when someone contacts you, as opposed to you contacting them.
  • THEY’LL WORK WITH MY INSURANCE COMPANY. – Beware of a contractor who says, “Don’t worry, I’ll work it all out with your insurance company.” That is NOT what you want! Insurance companies will often cut corners to save money and not pay for the best work. So you need to avoid contractors who agree with an insurance adjuster just to get the work. Instead, you need a contractor who is willing to detail, in writing, exactly what you need BEFORE talking to the insurance adjuster. Then you can compare the proposals to be sure you’re getting what you need to be made whole.
  • I KNOW A GUY – There is always someone who knows someone who can do something “off the books” or “under the table” cheaper than all the rest. I find it funny that consumers looking for an honest job are willing to hire people who are cheating the system. Any employee who will work “off the books” or “under the table” is not to be trusted. So, don’t be surprised when they cheat you! 
  • THE TRAVELER – I see it all the time, especially with roofers. They show up after a storm or when demand is high and start knocking on doors. They are from out-of-state, with out-of-state license plates. They are here until they get your money. Sometimes they stick around to do the work, sometimes not. Warranties?  Don’t count on them.
  • THEY NEED MONEY UP FRONT – Ask yourself, Why? They can’t get credit to buy materials? They can’t manage cash flow? Almost every single ripoff starts with money up front! Once you pay a lot of money, you have very little recourse if work is poor or the contractor takes off.
  • THEY ARE NOT ON ReferralList.com – I have poured my heart and soul into making this list the best … with high-quality, honest and reliable members. We really do extensive background checks and continually monitor members for compliance to a high standard of ethics.