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Meet the Troubleshooter

Consumer Advocate

For nearly 50-years Tom Martino has dedicated himself to helping consumers. As the longest running radio talkshow host in America, he has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers who’ve called him for help.

If you’re a victim of consumer fraud, you’re going to be happy Tom is around to help you – free of charge!

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The Troubleshooter Show

It is the longest running radio show with the same host still on the air! Tom Martino is breaking all records with the format he calls, “Media with a Purpose!”

No other show, stream, social media or podcast comes close when it comes to making a difference. Over the past 50-years, Tom has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of consumer fraud!

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Referral List

My Referral List was the very first of its kind! Before all of those other lists, I was compiling trust merchants, contractors and service professions.

Sleaze Brigade

Throughout my career I’ve exposed many liars, cheats and ripoffs. My Sleaze Brigade is a list of the worst characters I’ve encountered, as a warning to you!

Hedge Fund

I was sick and tired of losing money in the stock market. So, I put together a team to do something about it!